GWD Thailand – Chiva-Som International Health Resort

This year GWD Thailand and Chiva-Som International Health Resort will once again take their wellness services into the remote jungle communities of stateless and somewhat nomadic Karen tribes people living along the Thai and Myanmar border. They will partner with a group called Jungle Aid who provide tropical medicine doctors and take their own team of health advisors, acupuncturist, nurses, physiotherapists, fitness and gardener with medicinal plants. They will take food, medicines, mosquito nets, clothing, school supplies, linens and soap etc. This will be the first of their such trips during the season whilst the rivers are low enough to pass. They will arrange educational games for the children whilst they teach the village women the basics of first aid, natural birth control and hold a free clinic for all who need care in the village. They plan to post on their social media on that day however given the remoteness of the location, they will have to wait until they get back into areas with a signal.