Feeling good has no age! Wellness is a philosophy that should start in the individual’s childhood, not adulthood. Kids who are aware of living well not only become more successful in life, but as they also become more healthy adults, they are more able to express themselves freely in their social lives.

Globally, there are more than 1.6 billion overweight adults, at least 300 million of them clinically obese. In just 10 years, the WHO projects that number will grow by 40%. Globally more than 41 million kids under the age of five were overweight in 2014.

Childhood obesity levels are running at more than 10% in all countries except Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Ireland and the United States are the only countries in which more than 25% of kids report exercising for at least an hour a day. (The ‘one hour a day’ criterion used here follows the recommendations of the World Health Organization.)

Social Responsibility Activites for Kids

In Thailand, GWD has focused on to raise the plight of the stateless people especially the kids along the Thai Myanmar border – this is a sensitive problem for both governments as it has been going on for a long time. GWD Thailand also removed mites from orphan kid’s hair at Myanmar border.

GWD has also focused on kids in Belarus, Turkey, Tunisia, Netherlands, France, Italy and Brazil with the wellness activities including dancing, healthy-eating, marching band, playing instruments, sport activities and pantomime.

GWD continues to focus on kids’ right to education and creating awareness especially on the problems that disabled children are facing in different countries.